.: welcome to astalavista.box.sk

We're back! This is the official Astavista.box.sk - The Underground official Web Site Re-Launch page courtesy of Team Box.sk - The Underground and the Scene - the way we know it - The World's Most Popular and the Scene's oldest running Hacking and Security Portal managed and operated by a new Team Member - Dancho Danchev.

Where did we go? It's been 10 years since we used to rock the boat and managed to provide a diverse and popular set of Hacking and Security content to hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis. Big news - we would like to announce our online presence and official re-lauch by offering free access to our Scene-driven and community-powered Astalavista.box.sk - The Underground - flagship Hacking E-zine called - "Wisdom Kings" where we feature quality high-level hacking and security content for the general public to see. In the first issue of "Wisdom Kings" hacking E-zine we cover the following topics and offer the following articles:

  • 01. Introduction........................................by Phenomix
  • 02. 10 years back in the future.........................by Phenomix
  • 02. Back to basics .....................................by Phenomix
  • 03. The basics of Social engineering....................by Phenomix
  • 04. How to make anarchy for beginners...................by Phenomix
  • 05. How to hack for fun.................................by Phenomix
  • 06. The ultimate guide to getting a girlfriend..........by Phenomix
  • 07. Exploiting the scene for fun and profit.............by Phenomix
  • 08. Hacking your school for fun and profit..............by Phenomix
  • 09. Exposing the "Data Leaks" Paradise..................by Phenomix
  • 10. How not to get "caught".............................by Phenomix
  • 11. CYBERINT and Virtual SIGINT Exposed.................by Phenomix
  • 12. From Cybercrime to Multi-Billion Dollar Industry....by Phenomix
  • 13. The "Dark Web" Exposed and Profiled.................by Phenomix
  • 14. Exposing the Bastards who stole the Scene...........by Phenomix
  • 15. Top 20 Hacking Sites and Hacking Forums.............by Phenomix
  • 16. Greetz and Shouts go out to.........................by Phenomix
  • 17. Conclusion..........................................by Phenomix

We wish you a pleasant and joyful Astalavista.box.sk experience and look forward to working with you pushing the bounderies of Hacking and Security and the Scene the way we know it - together! Our official email - dancho.danchev@hush.com

.: Introduction to Project "Data Paradise" - Old-School KGB Style Intranet

Welcome to the future of the U.S Intelligence Community - a disperse and geographically-relevant old school KGB style dial-in only telephone modem driven Intranet powered by the World's largest minds in the World of information and computer security and modern hacktivism and political activism including good old-fashioned cyberpunks and cryptologists looking for ways to proprietary and privately contribute to a bigger cause - a modern and information data and "know-how" driven U.S Intelligence Community with actively established "touch points" with hundreds of invite-only researchers and enthusiasts and basically people who know how to make an impact and change internationally on a dial-in today and contribute with data and "know-how" on a daily basis further empowering Box.sk's Intranet with data information and knowledge to potentially assist  the U.S Intelligence Community on its way to modernize its assets base and actually find solutions and be exposed to a modern solution-oriented society of intellectual visionaries and cyberpunks who know to make a change and impact internationally.

Sourcing from a personally selected U.S based and internationally-dispersed high-profile information warfare and cyber warfare based type of active researchers the Intranet aims to steamline cooperation and actual data and research including "know-how" exchange in the area of offensive and defensive Information Warfare and cyber warfare operations. Operaring on a daily basis using a 24/7/365 time-period the "Data Paradise" Intranet aims to satisfy the needs of a selected set of individuals globally further empowering them with the necessary secure infrastructure to exchange data information and knowledge including "know-how" potentially building the foundations for one of the World's first priprietary dial-in U.S Intelligence Community oriented Intranet.

How does the process and the infrastructure for "Data Paradise" work? We use a Telephone Line Sharing Switch (TSS) in combination with multiple MaxSpeed 5690+ modems which offer DES Encryption for the purpose of interacting and sharing and exchanging information including to actually work on classified and U.S Intelligence Community oriented projects. Based on a pre-defined schedule of tasks based on a specific period of time of the day selected users actively dial-in each other in an attempt to coordinate the active sharing of classified and sensitive data information and knowledge including "know-how" with the the reset of the users potentially building a vast global scale Intranet network serving and directly empowering the U.S Intelligence Community with the necessary data information and knowledge including "know-how" courtesy of a selected set of U.S based and internationally dispersed individuals.

Here's a quick list of all the classified and unclassified Manuals courtesy of "Data Paradise" memebers which you can currently download and use prior to obtaining access to the Intranet.








Welcome to the future of classified and sensitive data sharing! Join us today! Approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com seeking dial-in access code and password and we would be happy to vet and research potentially inviting you to join the project. Stay tuned!

.: Upcoming High-Profile Live YouTube Broadcast - Join Us Today!

The time has come to properly present the newly launched and re-surrected Astalavista.box.sk project with a two-hour long Live YouTube Broadcast featuring exclusive guests from the Scene and the Security Industry which include:

- Mike Ingle - https://confidantmail.org
- Dhillon Kannabhiran - http://www.hitb.org/
- Space Rogue - https://www.spacerogue.net
- Mark Rash - http://www.securityfocus.com/columnists/423
- Richard Stiennon - https://it-harvest.com/

How you can join us? Bookmark the actual YouTube Channel and stay tuned for additional updates. Meanwhile you can also RSVP here.

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.: What the Scene says?

.: Security and Hacking News from the Lab! We're hiring! Work for us for Free!

  • Dear Astalavista.box.sk user,

This is Dancho. I've decided to take a moment of your precious time and briefly introduce you in terms of what I've been up to in terms of the project including several other currently-active community-oriented projects that we're currently running including the OSINT and Law Enforcement Operation "Uncle George" which basically consists of one of the Industry's most relevant and up-to-date cybercrime forum data set up to present day which basically consists of 18GB of raw HTML data processed from publicly accessible cybercrime-friendly communities and aims to actively profile and provide personally identifiable information on the individuals behind them including to actually attempt to take down and offline the communities responsible for such type of fraudulent and malicious online activity.

.: We're Hiring Work for us for Free!

Some of the currently open positions that we have include:

  • Web Site and Forum Translators - we're currently recruiting Web Site and Forum Translators in any language who might be interested in helping us with the localization of the Web Site and the Forum to their native language potentially allowing local users to better understand the information provided and to better access and interact with the Forum and the Community
  • Virtual Reality Application and Game Developer - we're currently active hiring a VR application developer who might be interested in working with us on Project Cybertronics - Virtual Reality for Hackers and Security Experts. Approach us today!
  • Contributors - do you remember the Scene? We need you today! Do you have an idea for a high-profile Security or Hacking Project? Approach us today and we'll offer Technical and Operational support including general advice!
  • Call for Papers and Call for Innovation - did you check out the latest Call for Papers? Drop us an email at dancho.danchev@hush.com with your document or your actual application and PoC (Proof of Concept) code  and we'll make sure to feature it right away.
  • High-Profile Psytrance and Goa-Trance DJs for the purpose of assisting us with a 24/7 live Online Radio reaching out to thousands of loyal users across the globe
  • Collaborative Hacking and Security E-book Writing Proposal participants who will be collaborating with us on our way to constructively produce a variety of high-profile publicly accessible Security and Hacking E-books

.: Currently running community-oriented projects!

  • Hacking E-Zine - Welcome to the future of Hacking and Information Security through the exclusive release of the first issue of the upcoming high-profile Hacking and Security E-Zine called ""Kings of Wisdom" with the first issue officially releleased and produces by one of Box.sk's Team Members - Dancho Danchev where we aim to bring back the spirit of the Scene and the Security Industry - the way we know it - through a harcore Security and Hacking E-Zine publication covering a variety of high-profile and informative topics including the publication of actual PoC (Proof of Concept) Code including never-published before articles and research materials. Are you interested in contributing with content? Approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com Stay tuned!
  • Hacking E-Books - Are you capable of producing and communicating hardcore technical material to a variety of audiences including the actual production of high-profile and never-published before technical manuals and research publications in the form of E-books which also includes printed books? Are you looking for a place to collaborate with other high-profile members of the Scene and the Security Industry and actually produce and publish a high-quality Security and Hacking E-book with the help of others ultimately publishing your E-book and actual printed book on one of the World's most popular and high-traffic visited Web sites for Hackers and Security Experts? Consider going through the currently proposed titles and approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com for the purpose of beginning to collaboratively produce high-quality Hacking and Security E-books. Let's make it happen! Stay tuned!
  • Hacking Merchandise - do you remember the official Astalavista.box.sk T-shirt part of the Jinx Hack Wear franchise circa the 90's? We're proud to let you know of a currently existing inventory of Hacker T-Shirts including other apparel which can be also produced and distributed on demand. Approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com in terms of possible payment methods and we would be happy to accept a payment and actually send you one of the T-shirts.
  • Official Bug Bountry - are you good at ethically pen-testing high-profile U.S government and U.S Intelligence Community Web sites and networks? Are you interested in sharing with us your whereabouts on U.S Government Web sites and U.S Intelligence Community networks for the purpose of disclosing key and never-published security flaws and vulnerabilities for the purpose of making these Web sites and networks more secure? Approach us today at dancho.danchev@hush.com with your flaw and vulnerability disclosure and we would be happy to feature your research and actually help you reach out to the U.S Government and U.S Intelligence Community in terms of disclosing the flaw and the vulnerability in question in a structed and timely fashion.
  • Security Incubator - do you have an idea for a high-profile and successful Security or Hacking product or a service but you're currently lacking the technical "know-how" and operational and financial incentive and support to execute your project's vision? Approach us today with your idea and we would be happy to offer a strategic including structured response and advice including to possibly assist with the actual seed investment and a possible angel investor or seed fund investor introduction.
  • Talent Management - are you looking to hire high-profile security and hacking researchers? Are you constantly looking to join collaborative efforts in classified and sensitive projects? Approach us today and we would be happy to offer you access to an ubiqutous talent and HR pool of high-profile Security and Hacking researchers including to actually help you land the next high-profile and sensitive project.
  • Security Comic - are you interested in entertaining yourself with a high-profile and informative Security and Hacking Comic? Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Box.sk's official Security Comic.
  • Top Hacking Links - do you like exploring new and high-profile Security and Hacking Resources? Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of Box.sk's official Top 100 Security and Hacking Links Directory. Make a submission today! Approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com
  • Graphics Contest - are you good at producing high-quality Graphics Banners and Wallpapers including Cover Art and various other multimedia? We're currently looking for Graphic Designers who might be interested in contributing with high-quality Astalavista.box.sk themed Graphics Banners and Wallpapers. Feel free to approach us dancho.danchev@hush.com and submit your creative and we'll feature it right away.
  • Online Radio - do you enjoy listening to high-quality and never-published before Psytrance and Goatrance songs including live-shows? We're proud to let you know of an upcoming release and the general availability of a high-profile 24/7 Psytrance and Goatrance online radio. Are you possibly interested in becoming a Live DJ including to actually host a live show online? Are you popular in the Psytrance and Goatrance scene and know a lot of people? Feel free to approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com and we would be happy to work with you and help you organize the event and actually invite you to participate.
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  • Security Conference - have you ever wanted to meet high-profile members of the Scene and the Security Industry including hackers researchers virus and malware analysts including actual malicious code producers including anarchists and political activitists including phreaking enthusiasts and experts from across the globe? Stay tuned for an upcoming official announcement on an invite-only "real-life" meeting with high-profile members of the Scene and the Security Industry? Dare to join us? Do you know someone who should attend? Drop us a line at dancho.danchev@hush.com and we'll invite you and make the necessary arrangements for a possible invite-only meeting. Stay tuned!
  • Security Search Engine - do you remember the original Astalavista.box.sk search engine for hacking and security related material? Stay tuned for the upcoming availability of a high-profile high-volume search engine for Hackers and Security Experts.

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 .: Currently recommended high-profile psytrance projects!


.: Currently recommended high-profile Space Warfare projects!


Featured Space Warfare and Satellite Weapon system resources:

- Space War
- RAND - Space Warfare
- JSTOR - Space Warfare
- Springer - Space Warfare
- Network-Centric Warfare
- Information Warfare
- Information Warfare
- Information Warfare
- Information Warfare
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- Information Warfare



.: Currently recommended high-profile Malware research projects!

Curently featured high-profile online malware analysis sandboxes:

- VirusTotal
- Hybrid-Analysis
- any.run
- amaas
- Intezer Analyze
- Comodo Valkyrie
- JoeSandBox

.: Currently recommended high-profile Soviet Union Themed Game!

Are you currently looking for hours-long fururistic Soviet Union themed game that guarantees hours of long play and unforgettable experience? We've decided to exclusively feature and recommend the playing of the Soviet Union themed Singularity game which guarantees an unforgettable experience in the future and back in time in the Soviet Union where you're responsible for orchestration a research operation into a damaged U.S Satellite with the primary involvement of an island which was once owned by the Soviet Union which is responsible for damaging the U.S satellite.

Grab it from here.



.: Currently recommended high-profile U.S Military Systems Videos!

- U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System - Target Launch and Interceptor Launch
- Raytheon's Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Provide Layered Defense Around the World
Ballistic Missile Defense

U.S. Launch of ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) - LGM 30 Minuteman
- US Navy Nuclear Submarine Crashes Through Polar Ice
- AC-130 Gunship Mission
- MQ-9 Reaper UAV: The Most Feared USAF Drone in the World
- Integrated Air and Missile Defense
- Raytheon Technologies Space Solutions
- F-15E Drops a Raytheon StormBreaker smart weapon




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We wanted to take the time and effort and currently recommend a high-profile and extremely releavant sophisticated military simulation which basically ensures hours of long and extremely realistic military scenario building type of military simulation which is currently one of the best and most realistic military simulations that you should immediatelly obtain access to in case you're interested in getting yourself involved.

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.: Currently recommended high-profile Cyberterrorism and Information Warfare Videos!

- Hearing: Preparing for the Future: An Assessment of Emerging Cyber Threats
- Cyber Terrorism and Warfare: The Emergent Threat
- A Borderless Battle: Defending Against Cyber Threats
- Senate Hearing On Cyber Threats To U.S. Infrastructure
- International Cyber Conflict and the Rise of ‘Information Warfare'
- Information Warfare Defining and Analysing - CyCon 2019
- Crafting an Information Warfare and Counter-Propaganda Strategy for the Emerging Security Environment
- Senator Reed Urges Trump Administration to Counter Russian Information Warfare
- Information Warfare: It's Like War, Only with More Followers
- Chris Inglis: Cyber Warfare & Cyber Defense
- Cyber Warfare and Special Ops: A General Weighs-In


.: Currently recommended high-profile Cyber Surveillance and Intelligence Community themed Articles!

- Assessing U.S Military Cyber Operational Capabilities to Counter Pro-ISIS Internet Infrastructure
- My Involvement in the Top Secret GCHQ “Lovely Horse” Program and the Existence of the Karma Police
- Kaspersky’s Antivirus Products the NSA and U.S National Security — An Analysis
- Assessment of U.S Intelligence Community Cyber Surveillance Programs and Tradecraft — Part One
- How the NSA utilized Iranian Cyber Proxies To Participate in the BOUNDLESS INFORMANT Program?
- Exposing GCHQ’s Top Secret “GORDIAN KNOT” Cyber Defense Sensor Program — An Analysis
- Exposing GCHQ’s URL-Shortening Service and Its Involvement in Iran’s 2009 Election Protests
- Astalavista.com — The Scene the Way We Know it — My Experience in Running the Portal
-  Exposing the U.S Intelligence Community and GCHQ’s Use of “Dirty Tricks” Online — An Analysis
- How the GCHQ Used the Top Secret “ANTICRISIS GIRL” Program to Spy on Users — An Analysis
- The 2016 U.S Presidential Elections and Russia’s Active Measures in Terms of Cyber Espionage
- How the GCHQ and the NSA work on intercepting and infiltrating Virtual Private Networks?

.: Currently recommended high-profile Cyber Warrior Guides and News Articles!

- France to Wage Offensive Warfare - Brace Yourselves!
- UEA - Where Money Pays - Do You Want to be a Cyber Warrior?
- Oops - White House National Cyberspace Strategy Acknowledges Information Warfare Operations
- Proactively Digging in the U.S Cyber Warfare Realm - And How You Can Perform Better?
- DoD's Cyber Strategy - 2018 - Shall We Play a Cyber-Retaliation Game?
- Exploring the Basics of Cyber Assets and Cyber Inventory Efforts Build-Up - A Proposed Off-The-Shelf Methodology
- Exploring the "Let's name and shame them" Intelligence Community Mentality - Keep it Coming?
- The Top 10 Off-The-Shelf Cyber Threat Intelligence Career Positions - And Which One You Should Pick Up?



.: Exclusive Security Interview with the primary Box.sk project operator - Dancho Danchev!

01. Dear Dancho - can you please introduce yourself and the latest Box.sk project? Can you please elaborate more on your experience in fighting cybercrime including your contributions to the threat intelligence gathering community and the U.S Security Industry?

My name is Dancho Danchev. I've been an independent contector doing OSINT cybercrime fighting and threat intelligence gathering for over a decade and I'm currently running one of the security industry's leading security publications which is my personal blog where I've established the foundations for an efficient and relevant OSINT and law enforcement methodology in terms of fighting and disrupting cybercrime internationally which led me to pursue a successfull career with several high-profile U.S based companies and organizations throughout the past decade following a successful career as an ex-hacker throughout the 90's. My daily routine consists of digging deep inside the cyber wardare realm in the context of responding to and tracking down high-profile nation-state sponsored or targeted malware campaigns and cybercrime incidents and keeping track of the bad guys as usual with the idea to contribute to the overall demise of cybercrime internationally and to actually contribute to the U.S Intelligence Community with operational and tactical intelligence including to actively support U.S Law Enforcement on its way to track down and respond to cybercrime events globally.

My primary motivation for re-lauching a project on the original Astalavista.box.sk is to "show them how it's done" in the context of reaching out to a broader audience in the context of offering practical tactical and operational advice in the World of cyber warfare information warfare operations and to present hardcore and never-published before potentially classified and sensitive material in the world of the U.S Intelligence Community and U.S Law Enforcement and to actually find a constructive and relevant way to say "hi" and "we're back" to a loyal base of users globally and to actually find a way to "keep the spirit" of the Scene the way we know it. I've planned a set of new high-profile projects which I intend to communicate to our audience to a systematic and periodic basis with the idea to offer an insightful and unique peek inside the Scene the way we know it.

02. What are some of the currently running Box.sk projects and what do you have planned for the future?

We're currenty running a high-profile and extremely popular Wordpress blog including a cyber security and hacking forum community and we've recently launched an extremely popular Call for Papers and Call for Innovation part of the WHGDG (World Hacker Global Domination Group) franchise where we're currently soliciting content in a variery of areas and on a variety of topics including a recently launched IRC server including an extremely popular search engine for hackers and security experts including the upcoming launch of our flagship publicly accessible product called Project Cybertronics VR for Hackers and Security Experts including an upcoming high-profile YouTube broadcast featuring folks and experts from the security industry and the Scene.

We've also lined up a variety of high-profile and upcoming community-driven and publicly accessible products and services and we'll be definitely looking forward to issuing periodic updates on their public and proprietary availability. "If it's going to be massive it better be good" in the context of re-surrecting and re-launching the Scene's and the security industry's most popular Web site for hackers and security experts internationally.

03. What do you think about U.S National Security in a post-Snowden world?

I'm a firm believer that building communities around leaked and classified data might not be the best way to actually communicate its value and actually reach out to a wider audience potentially blowing the whistle on currently active and sensitive and classified cyber surveillance and cyber intelligence type of programs part of the portfolio of services courtesy of the U.S Intelligence Community. I'm also positive that a new set of copy-cats will eventually emerge trying to potentially steal operational and tactical know-how from the leaked data potentially setting the foundations for their own private and proprietary cyber surveillance and cyber intelligence products.

In terms of U.S National Security in a post-Snowden world I believe that a specific set of international fan-base or actual clusters of supporters cannot really do much harm besides raising awareness on the actual state of cyber surveillance and cyber intelligence programs and their scale  and reach internationally.

04. How can you best describe your experience in tracking down and monitoring of the Koobface botnet?

It took me two and a half years of active daily monitoring of the Koobface botnet to actually come up and properly provide the necessary technical research and analysis behind the actual working of the botnet and actually allow me to track down and publicly distribute a variety of personally identifiable information on one of the key members of the group which at some point resulted in having Facebook's net-space IP block redirected to my personal blog including to actually have a personal message embedded on tens of thousands of infected hosts globally personally greeting me for my research into the Koobface botnet. At some point my research into the group's whereabouts became the primary information source on the group's activities internationally which resulted in a series of blog posts on the topic and greatly motivated me to continue my research into the way the botnet worked at the time through the systematic and daily publication of high-profile and never-published before technical analysis and research on the botnet's la

05. What's the current state of the fight against cybercrime globally?

While we're currently observing a lot of newly popping-up vendors and organizations who are actually good at tracking down and responding to cybercrime incidents and activities it should be clearly noted that high-profile think-tanks including independent researchers organizations and vendors who have been tracking down cybercrime incidents and profiling cybercrime activities for decades should be easily considered a recommended reading in terms of their recently and historical published research in this area.

It should be also clearly noted that wide-spread cooperation campaigns between the academic commercial and private sector are already taking place potentially undermining and contributing to the overall lowering down of cybercrime activity globally.

What should be done in the broader context of fighting cybercrime internationally is a currently ongoing OSINT and Law Enforcement operation similar to my recently launched crowd-sourced OSINT and Law Enforcement operation called "Uncle George" including my most recently published high-profile and available online for free Cybercrime Forum Data Set for 2019 which you can download and process and potentially reach out to me in terms of the actual enrichment and tracking and shutting down process.

06. How can you best describe the ongoing intersection between law enforcement and the U.S Intelligence Community in the context of launching offensive lawful surveillance campaigns? Case in point is the recent take down and hijacking of the primary domain for Encrochat a proprietary encrypted mobile solution? Do you think Dutch law enforcement basically abused its technological "know-how" and expertise to target a commercial encrypted mobile solutions provider?

07. Do you think that the launch of U.S Cyber Command is a step in the right direction? Do you think that publicly sharing proprietary malware releases on VirusTotal is an OPSEC violation? How do you think the U.S Cyber Command can better perform in the context of today's modern offensive cyber warfare arms race?

08. You used to work on Astalavista.com one of Box.sk's primary competitors throughout 2003-2006? What's your impression for running and managing the portal? What really took place when it got hacked?

09. Is it true that you're running one of the security industry's most popular security publications? How did you originally launched the project? What's the current state of the project?

10. What's your attitude towards "4th party collection?

11. Do you believe that an over-populated security industry means lower OPSEC for high-profile operations?

12. Who's running the show in 2020? What can best describe a successful "4th party collection" or virtual SIGINT operation? Who's running the show in terms of fighting cybercrime online?

13. Is it true that we live in an utopian World where North Korea and Iran-originating cyber attacks are basically launched by anything but nation-state actors namely Generation Y individuals who're online starting to embrace new technologies meaning that "everything's in order"?

14. Do you believe that corrupt and potentially compromised North Korean online agents are actually doing more harm than good by participation in cyber warfare campaigns using techniques and methodologies that were common in use throughout the 90's namely trojan horses and various other lawful surveillance tools?

15. Were you surprised that you participated in a Top Secret GCHQ program monitoring hackers on Twitter called "Lovely Horse"? How do you think you made the list?

16. Is it true that you've visited the GCHQ on behalf of the Honeynet Project? What are your comments and remarks?

17. What's the current state of your currently ongoing law enforcement and OSINT operation "Uncle George"?

18. What has changed over the last couple of years in terms of fighting cybercrime globally? Are there any key players worth mentioning in the context of supplying running and managing and operation cybercrime-friendly online infrastructure including actual cybercrime fighters who are making an impact globally?

19. What's your primary area of expertise in the Virtual Realm and in particular on the cyber warfare field?

20. Is it true that in your "Malware - Future Trends" publication circa 2006 you anticipted the rise of cryptoviral extortion including the widespread theft of IP (Intellectual Property) using malicious software? What are some of the current trends in this field?

.: Exclusive "How to get in touch with the KGB" - The Definite Manual!

In this edition of the "How to get in touch with the KGB - The Definite Hacker's Manual" we shall discuss in-depth the inner workings of the KGB's Internet-based communication channels how to intercept eavesdrop deceit and deny them including how to eventually establish a direct communication with the KGB including a practical case study on how to bring down an Eastern European country in order to attract the KGB's attention.

It should be clearly evident that in today's modern cyber warfare dominated Internet-connected world the single worst possible scenario remains the active use of Active Measures courtesy of Russia's FSB the original successor of the KGB which could potentially lead to a catastrophic event including wide-spread Internet-based havoc provoked by a systematic and persistent "noise" best described as online propaganda and disinformation campaigns which aim to greatly influence a specific set of population including to actively recruit and provoke a specific set of follow-up actions both in the real and in the Virtual Realm.

We're decided to compile and offer an in-depth peek inside the modern working of what used to be once one of the most feared and sophisticated Intelligence Agency also known as the KGB with the idea to raise awareness on its whereabouts in the Virtual Realm and actually provoke a discussion in the Virtual Realm in the context of having and actually preventing and analyzing and potentially "sending back" a response in terms of Russia's FSB use of current and emerging Active Measures online.

The KGB is known to be fully capable of attempting to hijack and actually infiltrate track down monitor and attempt to disrupt an individual including to actually track down and shut down virtual "sock puppets" type of online assets of foreign Intelligence Agencies in an attempt to discreminate them and actually cause havoc and ruin their online reputation and actually track down the true individual behind a supposedly currently active "sock puppet" type of campaigns potentially hijacking the individual's online persona including their "targeted population" and so called "circle of friends" for the purpose of launching offensive cyber warfare and Tailored Access Operations (TAO) and actually attempting to targete a "sock puppet's" circle of infuence with related potentially offensive and potentially dangerous content which could to actual prosecuting and real-life identification of the individuals behind these campaigns.

A sample proposed methodology for the purpose of attracting the FSB's attenting most commonly has to do with systematic and persistent "noise-generation" in the context of building a cyber persona reputation which "knows" "feels" and "understands" the inner workings of the U.S Intelligence Community including the inner workings of Russia's FSB in the context of launching offensive Active Measures against the U.S and international population potentially influencing their opininion and shaping their understanding of current and emerging global geopoliticalal and technological events.

We've decided to publicly share a set of classified and proprietary advice in the context of building online personas and actually attracting a foreign Intelligence Agencie's attention and actually attempting to interact with it though active campaigns including to possible launch foreign influence campaigns and actually attempt to exfiltrate back a positive response and actual acknowledgement for the existence of the agency including to actively map its online and Virtual Realm infrastructure for the purpose of establishing a connection and actually attempting to trick the agency into falling victim into a specifically set type of Virtual Realm trap for the purpose of identifying its online operations including the actual operators behind these campaigns.


.: What's new?

In a bold new World of Hacking and Computer Security we're proud to announce the existence of the following Hacking and Security communities and research-oriented communities part of the Astalavista.box.sk - The Underground portfolio of Hacking and Security Web sites.

01. WordPress Blog -  This is Box.sk's Official Hacking and Security blog managed and operated by Dancho Danchev

02. Forum Community - This is the primary destination point for Astalavista.box.sk running the World's largest and most popular Hacking and Security Forum Community. Join us today!

03. VR For Hackers and Security Experts - This is our flagship crowd-funded and crowd-sourced Community Project where we aim to build a unique VR application for Hackers and Security Experts and actually bring it online with the help of the Community and the Scene.

04. Upcoming High-Profile Live YouTube Broadcast - Do you remember the Scene? Are you part of the Security Industry? Stay tuned for an exclusive Live YouTube Broadcast featuring exclusive guests from the Scene and the Security Industry.

05. Call for Papers and Call for Innovation - Do you actively produce high-quality and never-published before Hacking and Security research? Feel free to go through the Call for Papers and Call for Innovation and approach us in terms of submitting your papers tools and PoC (Proof of Concept) code.

06. Collaborative Hacking and Security E-Book writing project - Do you want to participate in a collaborative Hacking and Security E-book wriring project on a variety of topics and ultuimately contribute with knowledge information and

.: Introduction to Dancho Danchev's Keynote Presentation on "Tracking Down and Monitoring of the Koobface botnet"

Do you remember Koobface? Koobface was one of the most prolific and sophisticated social media propagating botnet that used to spread across Facebook eventually got shut down and terminated its operations thanks to a two and a half years long active and real-time monitoring of the botnet's activities courtesy of Dancho Danchev one of the primary researchers of the botnet at the time.

Consider watching the following Keynote presentation on "Tracking Down and Monitoring of the Koobface Botnet" including the actual PPT.


.: Introduction to Project "herdProtect" - Multi-Antivirus Engine Scanner

Are you an active antivirus scanner user? Do you remember the 90's? We're proud to let you know that we're officially partnering with a leading provider of a market-leading multi-antivirus scanner engine provider - herdProtect which currently offers on of the industry's market leading multi-antivirus engine scanner which basically empowers you with the necessary tool and application to scan your host and PC with 64 leading antivirus scanners potentially establishing the foundations of a successful host-based malware-detection strategy further protecting your host and PC. The reason for featuring the free application is that we believe that antivirus scanner users should end the monopoly of the well-established brand and actually rely on and use a market-relevant possibly the World's first free multi-antivirus scanner application which relies on a multi-tude of scanners and active sensors further protecting your host and PC from today's modern malware and cyber

Grab it from here.

.: Introduction to Project "Cybertronics" - Help Us Launch the Platform Today!

Welcome to the Wonderful future of Virtual Reality! We're proud to let you know that we're currently running a high-profile public crowd-funding project for Cybertronics - Virtual Reality for Hackers and Security Experts on GopGetFunding and we decided to share with you additional details including the actual Technical Specifications behind the project with the idea to seek your assistance and possible financial support in the form of donations that would empower us with the necessary funds to launch manage and operate the platform.

Visit us today and donate today!

.: Introduction to Project "Omnimix" - Anonymous Remailer Network Application!

We're proud to let you know that we're officially partnering and recommending the use of the Omnimix - anonymous remailer network application which is basically one of the Industry's leading and most sophisticated features-rich anonymous remailer network application which you can freely download and use for free. The application basically offers a sophisticated and advanced set of features which further empowers its users on their way to achieve a full-set of spectrum of anonymous email and remailer communications potentially offering an easy to use GUI further empowering its users on their way to achieve a decent degree of anonymous email and anonymous remailer online communications.

Grab it from here.


.: Introduction to Project "Onion-Routing" and "Free Haven" Privacy and Anonymity Resources


.: Currently Recommended Privacy and Cyber Surveillance Projects!


.: Introduction to Dancho Danchev's E-Book Hacking Security and Cybercrime Research Compilation - Grab a copy on Amazon Today!

We're proud to present the general and overal availability of a high-profile Security Hacking and Cybercrime Research Memoir courtesy of Dancho Danchev. The security hacking and cybercrime research journal compilation aims to spread data information and knowledge on some of the most prolific cyber security and cyber attack incidents throughout 2005-2020 courtesy of one of the World's leading experts in the field of cybercrime research security blogging and threat intelligence gathering.

Have you ever wanted to take an in-depth peek inside some of the Security Industry's most prolific cybercrime group and campaigns including some of the most prolific cyber attack campaigns that took place during 2005-2020? Consider grabbing a copy of the research compilation today.

- Dancho Danchev's Personal Security Hacking and Cybercrime Research Memoir - Grab a copy today!

Grab a copy of the entire E-book compilation (6.1 GB) for free from here including the following direct links to the actual E-book formats:

- Volume 01 - ePub; Mobi; AZW3
- Volume 02 -
- Volume 03 -
- Volume 04 -
- Volume 05 -
- Volume 06 -
- Volume 07 -
- Volume 08 -
- Volume 09 -
- Volume 10 -
- Volume 11 -

Consider obtaining a complete and full access to the entire ePub and E-book reader collection (13 Volume Editions) by approaching me at dancho.danchev@hush.com

.: Introduction to Project "Loki - Open-Source IOC Scanner" - Grab a copy today!

We're proud to let you know that we're officially partnering with Nextron Systems with the development of one of the Security Industry's first and most popular publicly accessible Yara-rules based IoC (Indicator of Compromise) scanner which users and organizations can easily modify and suit their needs on their ways to integrate and possibly synchronize their threat intelligence feed data into an end-point relevant malicious software and IoC (Indicator of Compromise) scanner which is currently available for free.

The applications works by detecting the presence of known IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) on the targeted host and can take further measures to properly protect the end-point from a variety of currenty circulating malicious and fraudulent online campaigns.

 Grab a copy here.


.: Introduction to Project "0day.today" - Auction-Based Zero Day Market

Are you currently looking for high-profile public and private exploits including never-published before zero day type of exploits research? We've decided to feature and actually recommend one of the Internet's largerst and most comprehensive public auction-based commercial market-place for exploits and zero day flaws - 0day.today which further empowers penetration testers and red teams on their way to properly assess and actually launch offensive and defensive campaigns against legitimate infrascture.

Currently featured high-profile vulnerabilities and exploits which can be accessed at 0day.today:

- Instagram bypass Access Account Private Method Exploit Highlighted
- Twitter reset account Private Method 0day Exploit Highlighted
- Hotmail.com reset account 0day Exploit Highlighted
- Facebook steal Group 0day Exploit Highlighted
- Whatsapp Desktop (session hijacking) Payload 0day Exploit
- iCloud reset mail Account Authentication Elevation Of Privilege 0day Exploit
- 360 Security Sandbox Escape 0day Exploit
- Microsoft Office Word (2003/2007/2010/2013 +2016) Universal Silent 0day Exploit
- Apple iOS 11.1.1 kernel DoS Exploit
- Microsoft Office Word 2003+2007+2010 Universal 0day Exploit
- macOS 10.11.* / 10.12.* Kernel Code Execution - SIP bypass 0day Exploit
- PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 Silent Builder Exploit
- OS X 10.10.2-10.10.4 Privilege Escalation Exploit 0day
- Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Download and Execute Vulnerability
- Office 2003 SP3, Office 2007 SP2, Office 2011 Stack-based buffer overflow

.: Introduction to Project "Vulnerability-Lab" - Public Security Group Research Project

We wanted to take the time and effort to properly present a currently active public repositiory of exploits and vulnerabilities courtesy of Vulnerability-Lab with the idea to properly communicate and present their portfolio of exploits flaws and vulnerabilities potentiallty partnering with the project and enticing more users into using the Web site.

Are you interested in learning more about the currently active and publicly accessible exploits and vulnerabilities for the purpose of improving and actually improving the quality of research courtesy of your penetration testing team or just to improve your situational awareness in terms of newly discovered flaws and vulnerabilities? Consider visiting the project here.

Currently active publicly accessible details on public Web Site flaws and vulnerabilities include:

- Dabman & Imperial (i&d) - Multiple Vulnerabilities
- TortoiseSVN v1.12.1 - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
- Mobatek MobaXterm v11.1 - Code Execution Vulnerability
- Microsoft Outlook 365 - Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
- Microsoft Skype Mobile v8.x - Emoticons DoS Vulnerability
- Microsoft Skypexspaces - DNS Squatting Web Vulnerability
- MobaXtrem v10.4 - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
- Huawei Flybox B660 - (POST SMS) CSRF Web Vulnerability
- Huawei Flybox B660 - (POST Reboot) CSRF Vulnerability
- Tenda, Dlink & Tplink TD-W8961ND - DHCP XSS Vulnerability
- Huawei Flybox B660 Router - Auth Bypass Vulnerability


.: Exclusive Torrent Archive of Hacking and Security Events!

We're proud to let you know of the general availability of a high-profile Torrent Archive consisting of all the publicly accessible Hacking and Security event videos available for download which aims to further empower you with the necessary data information and knowledge including technical and operational "know-how" to stay on the top of your game and keep your cyber situational awareness up-to-date which is currenly being distributed by InfoCon - The Hacking Conference Archive.

Grab a copy of Bittorrent today and check out the actual archive including to actually check the Hacker Documentary and Hacker movies archive.


.: Exclusive Box.sk Public Hacking and Security FTP Server!

Are you interested in having your Hacking and Security research including tools documents and presentations including PoC (Proof of Concept) code on one of the World's most popular Web sites for hackers ands security experts? We're proud to let you know of the general availability of a publicly accessible FTP server where users can submit and upload their latest hacking tools white papers and documents including PoC (Proof of Concept) code and actual hacking and security presentations with the idea to have the content featured on one of the World's most popular Web sites for hackers and security experts. Do you produce a lot of hacking and security white papers and documents including presentations and actual hacking and security tools including PoC (Proof of Concept) code?

Approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com in case you're interested in obtaining access to the server and actually contributing with content. Stay tuned!

.: Introducing Box.sk's Hacking and Security Search Engine!

Do you remember the 90's? We're proud to let you know of the general availability of Astalavista.box.sk's high-profile search engine for Hackers and Security Experts currently featuring puiblic access to over 2,402,311 Hacking and Security Web sites largely becoming the World's largest and most popular and comprehensive search engine for Hackers and Security Experts.

Access the primary access point for Box.sk's Flagship Hacking and Security Web sites search engine here.

Sample queries: CVE; OSINT, MD5, Ransomware, Phishing, Spam, RFID, NSA, GCHQ, TDoS, Security Conference, Podcast, Botnet, Crimeware, Advanced Persistent Threat, Encryption, PGP, DDoS, SCADA, Rootkit, Zero Day, Vulnerability, Bug Bounty, Malware, Metasploit, Penetration Testing, Wireless Security, Intrusion Detection System, Passwords, Data Breach, Malware Stealer, Keylogger, Trojan Horse.

.: Join Us on Astalavista.box.sk's IRC Network!

Have you ever wanted to catch up with some of the leading people from the Scene and the Security Industry for the purpose of exchanging ideas knowledge experience and "know how"? We're proud to let you know of the general availability of Astalavista.box.sk's Official IRC Network where we partnered with CoreShells a leader provider of managed IRCd infrastructure further aiming to empower a new generation of hackers and security experts with the necessary communication vehicle and channel for the purpose of reaching out to each other and keeping in touch in real-time further sharing "know-how" data and information on their way to properly become hackers and security experts. How you can join us?

General topics on which we currently accept new channels include - Hacktivism, Web Site Defacement Groups, Cracking Groups, Political Activism Groups, Cryptography Groups, Warez Groups, Virii Groups and organizations, Phreaking Groups, Anti-Surveillance Groups, COMSEC and OPSEC Groups, Hacking Groups.

Direct your favorite IRC client to irc.inspircd.net using port 6697 or + mode for SSL or 6667 and join #astalavista.box.sk today! Consider launching a channel for your project or Hacking or Security group and let's get the conversation going. Approach me at dancho.danchev@hush.com in case you have a question or want to launch a channel for your Hacking or Security project. Stay tuned!

.: Featured High-Profile DIY Honeypot System - T-Pot

We're proud to let you know that we're officially partnering and recommending the use of the extremely easy to use and implement T-Pot DIY honeypot system which you can basically use and implement on your own featuring an exclusive set of built-in honeypot technologies which could further empower your PC and personal network with the necessary malicious attacker interception technology including the active implementation of a pretty good deception technology within your personal network which could further detect and allow you to respond to a growing set of cyber attacks and malicious software incidents.

Grab it from here.

.: Featured High-Profile DIY Exploit Development Tool

Have you ever wanted to become an experienced exploit developer including a high-profile vulnerability finder on your way to become an experienced penetration tester but never really managed to find the proper and sophisticated market-relevant exploit development and penetration testing tool? We're proud to let you know that we're officially partnering and recommending the use of Exploit Pack a sophisticated exploit development and vulnerability exploitation tool which currently offers access to thousands of exploits including actual zero day flaws using a market and penetration tester relevant GUI interface to suit your needs.

The publicly accessible tool and the free version currently offers access to over 38,000 exploits and vulnerabilities and is cross-platform currently offering a multi-tude of exploits targeting the following operating systems - Windows, Linux, Unix, Minix, SCO, Solaris, OSX, etc.

 Grab it from here.

.: Featured High-Profile DIY Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

Welcome to the future of Cyber Threat Intelligence. Are you interested in running your own or your organization of company's Cyber Threat Intelligence platform and want to further explore the World of Cyber Threat Intelligence by efficiency producing sharing and communicating vital part of your daily work-flow research to a diverse set of audience? We're proud to let you know that we're partnering and actively recommending the use of OpenCTI platform which is an extremely easy to use cyber threat intelligence platform featuring an exclusive set of advanced and sophisticated features further empowering you and your organization to stay on the top of its game in terms of cyber threat intelligence.

Grab it from here.


.: Featured Premium Advertisers and VR Application Partners


.: Featured High-Profile Hacking and Security Project Affiliates




.: Featured High-Profile Hacking and Security Memoir E-book

In a World that was once dominated by 33.6k telephone modem connectivity an ex-Bulgarian hacker was busy checking Cyberarmy.com and Progenic.com on a daily basis further exploring the daily batches of new Security and Hacking tools including the latest and most recently released Hacking and Security text files further gaining experience and knowledge in the Scene potentially making high-profile contacts of key leaders and members of the Scene including the U.S Security Industry on his way to seek data information and knowledge on "how to become a hacker" including the latest X-Filed Wallpapers and MIDI-related soundtracks including UFO photos and actual information and photos of the KGB.

In this upcoming high-profile Hacking and Security memoir written by Dancho Danchev the ex-Bulgarian hacker will detail his whereabouts throughout the 90's including his involvement in the Scene including an active work position within the Security Industry while working for several high-profile anti-trojan vendors utimately leading him to pursue a career as one of the World's most widely recognized and popular cybercrime researchers security bloggers and threat intelligence analysts including an active participation in a Top Secret GCHQ Program for monitoring hackers online known as "Lovely Horse".

Approach us today at dancho.danchev@hush.com an inquire about obtaining a copy of the E-book.

.: Shouts and Greetz to Security Industry Members

It's been a decade and we've been waiting to say hi. Special thanks and cheers to the following groups and individuals for having supported and participated in various Astalavista.box.sk projects including their general and overall contributions to the Security Industry. Groups and individuals we would like to say hi to include:

  • Gary Scott
  • Gadi Evron
  • Paul Ferguson
  • Alex Eckelberry
  • Mark Rash
  • Jamie Riden
  • Steve Santorelli
  • James McQuaid
  • Jeffrey Bardin
  • Jeffrey Carr
  • Mark Risher
  • Ken Dunham
  • Jart Armit
  • Robert McMillan
  • Rob Lemos
  • Gregg Keizer
  • Gary Warner
  • Jorge Mieres
  • Marcus Sachs
  • Gunter Ollman

.: Shouts and Greetz to Scene Members

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.: Featured high-profile Cyberpunk movies!


.: Featured High-Profile Advanced VPN Service Provider

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.: Featured High-Profile Network Honeypot System






.: Featured Cyber Jihad Intelligence Service Providers

Featured Cyber Jihad Intelligence Products and Services:

- Internet Haganah
- The Jawa Report v3.0 Beta
- SITE Institute


.: Featured Information Warfare Projects and Resources


Featured Information Warfare Resources:

- FAS - Intelligence Resource Program
- RAND - Asymmetric Warfare Resources
- RAND - Net-Centric Warfare Resources
- The Information Warfare Site
- Journal of Information Warfare
- JSTOR Information Warfare Resources



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.: Featured High-Profile Sci-Fi and Hacker TV Series



.: brief introduction to the Project - 2020

It's 2020 and we've decided to re-launch and re-surrect the Scene and the Security Industry's most popular Internet destination for Hackers and Security Experts with the help of a New Team Member acting as the primary operator of the project Dancho Danchev. The current state of the project promises a variety of new features including an extremely popular Wordpress blog a high-profile and high-volume Hacking and Security Forum and a flagship VR for Hackers and Security Experts application platform including an upcoming high-profile Live YouTube Broadcast featuring exclusive guests from the Scene and the Security Industry including a variety of related Hacking and Security Projects such as for instance People's Directory and a comprehensive one-page summary of all the currently active U.S Intelligence Community Cyber Surveillance and Eavesdropping Programs and Systems including an online psy-trance and goa-trance online radio a Security Newsletter and a flagship Hacking and Security E-zine "Kings of Wisdom".

Dancho Danchev is the world's leading expert in the field of cybercrime fighting and threat intelligence gathering having actively pioneered his own methodology for processing threat intelligence throughout the past decade following a successful career as a hacker-enthusiast in the 90's leading to active-community participation and contribution as a Member to WarIndustries  List Moderator at BlackCode Ravers  Contributor to Black Sun Research Facility (BSRF) List Moderator Software Contributor (TDS-2 Trojan Information Database) at DiamondCS Trojan Defense  contributor to LockDownCorp  Contributor to HelpNetSecurity  Managing Director of Astalavista Security Group's Astalavista.com - The Underground  a Security Consultant for Frame4 Security Systems  contributor to TechGenix's WindowSecurity.com  security blogger for ZDNet Zero Day  Threat Intelligence Analyst for Webroot  leading to a successful set of hundreds of high-quality anaysis and research articles published at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - ZDNet's Zero Day  Dancho Danchev's Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge and Webroot's Threat Blog with his research featured in Techmeme  ZDNet  CNN  PCWorld  SCMagazine  TheRegister  NYTimes  CNET  ComputerWorld  H+Magazine currently producing threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge.

He's currently on the following Social Media accounts: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Medium - YouTube - Peerlyst

and is currently runnig the following projects - Unit-123.org - a high-profile Intelligence Deliverables E-shop and Offensive-Warfare.com - a high-profile Pro-Western Cyber Security and Hacking Community including the industry's leading Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge blog.

With his research featured at RSA Europe  CyberCamp  InfoSec  GCHQ and Interpol the researcher continues to actively produce threat intelligence at the industry's leading threat intelligence blog - Dancho Danchev's - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge publishing a diverse set of hundreds of high-quality research analysis detailing the malicious and fraudulent activities at nation-state and malicious actors across the globe.

.: brief introduction of Astalavista.box.sk

It's 1999 and WebFringe Cyberarmy and Progenic used to rock the boat with yet another newly added h/c/p/a/v Web site further empowering a new generation of novice hackers and potentially training and educating thousands of hacking newbies on their way to become successful hackers while coding hacker programs and actually using them withiout the term script kiddies. With major hacking tool releases including ICQ Flooders Mail Bombers and Trojan Horses continuing to grow - a new generation of hackers and security experts including novice hackers and script kiddies was prone to over-take the modern Security Industry by offering data information and knowledge to further explore and push the bounderies of intellectual exploration in the field of computer and information security. Meanwhile on the other side of the Scene the World's largest and most popular Search Engine for hackers was quickly gaining scale potentially reaching out to tens of thousands of loyal and daily users across the globe serving their Hacking and Security needs by offering and providing the World's first and largest index of Hacking and Security information. Sticking to the original mission of the Scene namely to offer data information and knowledge to thousands of loyal users across the globe Astalavista.box.sk quickly gained fame and scaled to the point where it became the World's first and most popular Search Engine for Hackers and Security Experts. With thousands of users using it and tens of thousands of  Web sites linking back the portal quickly became one of the most highly-visted and high-trafficked Web site on the Internet. Throughout the past decade and since 1994 the portal is publicly known to be serving the needs of an entire generation of Hackers and Security Experts potentially empowering them with the necessary data information and knowledge on stay on the top of their game and to learn and exchange data information and knowledge turning the portal into what it is today one of the Internet's primary destination point for Hackers and Security Experts.

.: brief introduction of the scene and the Security Industry through the prism of Dancho Danchev - 1999-2013

Here you can find a brief description of Dancho Danchev's experience and expertise in the Scene and the Security Industry throughout the past decade.

Sample Brief History of the Scene through the prism of Dancho Danchev's professional and community-driven experience and expertise:

- A Member to WarIndustries (http://warindustries.com)
- List Moderator at BlackCode Ravers (http://blackcode.com)
- Contributor Black Sun Research Facility (http://blacksun.box.sk) (BSRF)
- List Moderator Software Contributor (TDS-2 Trojan Information Database) (https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/25533/tlibrary.zip.html) DiamondCS Trojan Defense (http://tds.diamondcs.com.au)
- Contributor to LockDownCorp (http://lockdowncorp.com)
- Contributor to HelpNetSecurity (http://forbidden.net-security.org)
- A Security Consultant for Frame4 Security Systems (http://frame4.com)
- Contributor to TechGenix’s WindowSecurity.com (http://www.windowsecurity.com/authors/dancho-danchev/)
- Technical Collector - LockDownCorp - (https://lockdowncorp.com)
- Managing Director - Astalavista Security Group - (https://astalavista.com)
- Security Consultant - Wandera - (https://wandera.com)
- Threat Intelligence Analyst - GroupSense - (https://groupsense.io)
- Security Consultant - KCS Group Europe - (https://kcsgroup.com)
- OSINT Analyst - Treadstone71 - (https://treadstone71.com)
- Security Blogger - Armadillo Phone - (https://armadillophone.com)
- Security Blogger for ZDNet (http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/)
- Threat Intelligence Analyst for Webroot (https://www.webroot.com/blog/)

Stay tuned and let's make the Scene happen again and don't forget - "We’re all elite when we tend to rock together. The difference? We rock for ourselves. Our wisdom is our king, and our king is our prevalence. We shall prevail!” – World Hacker Global Domination Group – 2019

Sincerely Yours,

Dancho Danchev - Project Administrator - Web site: https://ddanchev.blogspot.com Email: dancho.danchev@hush.com Voicemail: +1 646 419 4540 Jabber/XMPP/OMEMO: 90184@armadillophone.com Dark Web Onion: http://lkzihepprlhxtvbutjedoazbsqd4avmifhpjms3zuq7itceiu4qajwad.onion/

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